Want to take a field trip to Mars? We're going to help make that happen!

Wanna tour the Solar System? In a Day??
SILAS Education is building a scale model of the Solar System across the whole Mid-Columbia! Click the map below to explore your neighborhood, or scroll down to see what we're doing! Ready to get involved? Click DONATE or Contact us to get plugged in.
The Solar Arches
If you have seen the Solar Arches at The Reach Museum, then you've seen the centerpiece of the Solar System. These arches are a 40' diameter sculpture of the Sun with every angle and connection point designed to cast shadows which tell the story of the predictable path of the sun over the course of the year.

As the centerpiece for our solar system, the other planets became a simple exercise in math to determine their size and location. 
Orbital Markers
Taking advantage of our fantastic rivers and the accessibility for recreation, we are placing markers showing the orbit of each planet or celestial object. These markers will have a miniature sculpture of the Solar Arches made out of corten steel. On the base of the mini-arches will be a stainless steel plaque showing the actual and scaled sizes of the planets. All of this will be mounted on a basalt.

Anywhere an orbit passes through the riverfront, we can place one of these markers. 
Planetary Sculptures
Each planet has a conceptual model already designed by students from Richland. To place a sculpture along the orbital path, SILAS Education will work with the civic or commercial group that owns an appropriate location. The concepts for each sculpture will be retained, but each sculpture will be customized based on the needs and interests of the final host.

These sculptures will demonstrate not just the orbital scale, but also include a sphere showing the diameter scale for the planet or celestial object.