Welcome to SILAS Education!

SILAS Education was created as a response to the need in our community to support learning beyond the 4 walls of the traditional classroom. No one ever really stops learning. That's why we're here: to support, encourage, and facilitate learning in all facets of our community. We're a nonprofit to leverage resources from around the community to develop and implement learning initiatives for families, students, and professional development.

Our name is our mandate and our focus: STEM, Instruction, Leadership, Arts, & Servanthood create the acronym SILAS and guide the work we do. The future has problems and careers that we can't even identify today. We must prepare our students to dream bigger to find the solutions we don't know we need. Thus WE must be willing to expand our thinking, too. 

 If you have an idea for better learning for our region or yours, let us know. We'd love to collaborate and create a solution. If you aren't sure yet, spend some time around our site to see how you can plug into our current projects. We're glad you're here! Thank you for being a part of the SILAS family.

What are we doing now?
One of our major projects right now is the creation of a scale model of the Solar System throughout the Mid-Columbia. Click on Hanford Reach Solar System in the menu, or explore with one of the images below.
Are you in an orbital pathway? Click the image to explore the solar system in your neighborhood and beyond!
What exactly are we building? Click the image to see more info about the Hanford Reach Solar System. Then click DONATE to help us grow!
Drop us a line, we'd love to chat!
SILAS Education is all about making learning accessible for all facets of life and living. Have a project, educational need, or question? Shoot us a line, we'll get back right away!

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