Our Mission

Inspiring a love of lifelong learning

SILAS Education exists to promote learning in all facets, but primarily in STEM, Instruction, Leadership, Arts, and Servanthood—thus our acronym, SILAS. We partner with communities and career and classroom developers to enhance the skills and value of learning. We leverage the resources of the community to create synergy for a greater impact than each resource alone.  

What We Value

SILAS works with community and civic leaders to create opportunities for learning and growth. We develop curriculum for classrooms and homeschoolers. We partner with educators to help fund dream projects. If it's about developing more learning for the community, we're interested in helping out. 


STEM/STEAM education has built our past and will build our future.


Instructional practices must be adaptable to the individual learner.

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Beautification of our world touches the emotions and adds value, causing deeper learning and stronger community.


The obligation of experience and expertise is to help develop those who come along behind us.


Our lives are not for our own gratification, but for the community and edification of others.

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Meet Trevor Macduff

Trevor is a science teacher in Richland, WA. He conceived of SILAS after several years of teaching about space and developing a scale model of the Solar System with his students. He is committed to the ideals of lifelong learning for everyone and wants to help create a world where learning is a community value.